Technical Tour
Aixihu Tunnel is on the East of Nanchang New Area and between the 2nd and 3rd Ring, Connecting Huoju Ave. on the west and  2nd Aixihu Road on the east of Lake Aixihu.  The tunnel is 2280m long including 733m to be built in the Lake and will be built using cut & cover method. As planned, the road tunnel will be on top of the metro tunnel, and both forms the piggybacked Aixihu tunnel. For this tunnel, there are some critical technical issues including the excavation in the lake, pit excavation inside large pit, stiffness compatibility of the road and metro tunnels in both longitudinal and transverse directions, etc. 

Plan of the Aixihu Tunnel


Typical Cross Section in the Lake Aixihu

Longitudinal Section of Aixihu Tunnel (West)

Longitudinal Section of Aixihu Tunnel (East)